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Why is Breaking Bad So Good?

Breaking Bad has had a phenomenal run as a TV series during its 5 seasons. This show is all about a high school teacher, Walter White, who was early on diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, partnering up with his former student Jesse Pinkman to produce a high grade of crystallized methamphetamine and selling it for money. The series resounded throughout the world and became so popular that it won eight Satellite Awards, two Peabody Awards, sixteen Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and a People’s Choice Award. The leading actor who portrayed Walter White aka Heisenberg, Bryan Cranston, went on to win the Outstanding Lead Actor four times for a Drama Series due to his compelling portrayal and superb acting. That’s not all- Breaking Bad also entered the hallowed Guinness World Records as the TV series that is the highest rated in all of time.

Breaking Bad has started airing since January 20, 2008 and shown its truly memorable and unforgettable season five series finale in September 29, 2013. “Felina”, the name of the series finale, follows Walter White’s revenge and redemption through a string of events that he himself has plotted. All of his hopes and dreams rode on this episode, and as always, Walter White delivers. There is nothing left hanging in the end and everything that happened was truly satisfying. Walt returns to New Mexico in spite of his wanted status to free Jesse Pinkman from the prison and the gang that put him in there. Not surprisingly, Felina was called as the greatest series finale of all time and has had the highest rating in the US, produced millions of internet activity throughout with online comments and Twitter discussions, and the song “Baby Blue” by Badfinger has seen a massive increase in album sales and Spotify music streams.

More Breaking Bad = Good

Apparently, numerous fans as well as the public wanted more Breaking Bad, or an offshoot of their beloved series. Rare is the TV series that has a memorable cast that one of their well-known character, Saul Goodman, the crooked lawyer, has been cast in Better Call Saul, a comedy-drama series that is a prequel, sequel and a spin-off to the original Breaking Bad show. To have a TV series made from a previous TV just shows us that Breaking Bad was masterfully done. All of the people who participated, Vince Gilligan the producer, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the undefeatable duo, the writers and the staff were in perfect harmony and Breaking Bad is the wondrous creation that was produced.

Own a Piece of Breaking Bad and Keep It Close

Having watched the TV series, surely there are favorite moments and events that are personally picked by the many viewers of the show. The most famous quotes, such as “I Am the One Who Knocks”, and other memorabilia such as the infamous logo, the Heisenberg getup and various other icons that mark the Breaking Bad history can now be purchased and a part of your home. You will definitely want to remember and keep the greatest things and events that have happened, as well as wish to be a part of it. Show the world that Breaking Bad is a superb piece of work and spread the word to other people who have not had the chance to watch and experience the magnificent TV series. These Breaking Bad Merchandise are sure to be treasured and will become conversation starters for Breaking Bad enthusiasts, fans and followers alike. Keep the memories with you, even wear the show’s numerous famous designs and people in Heisenberg T-shirt, or when you work through the day, just glance up and see your Breaking Bad mugs, posters and desktop articles to bring a smile every now and then. Relive your favorite episodes, the lines that made you laugh or cry, the scenes that you have related to in your own life.

Breaking Bad is not just a popular TV series, but it is one that truly resounded in the hearts and minds of the audience and captured their hearts. It is an experience that transcends the television and ties people together. It is a beautiful piece of art that will be remembered and replayed, passed down throughout generations. Own a piece of the Breaking Bad history and keep it safe. Remember Heisenberg and the Blue Meth.

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